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Tiny Details

Retired homicide detective Ralph Flores operates a pre school in the Boyle Heights neighborhood of Los Angeles. One morning he receives information that convinces him that a condemned killer, who Flores helped convict, may be innocent. Flores has five days to either clear the man or resolve his own failings in the case. In 75,000 words, Tiny Details pulls Flores back into the world of sex crimes, homelessness, drug trafficking, and political wrangling, a sharp contrast to a safe school for four and five-year olds. As an outsider he has to maneuver carefully around a justice system unwilling to acknowledge a mistake, a condemned man bent on his own destruction, and a killer's twisted scheme. Flores finds help from a retired limousine operator and a federal narcotics agent. The old detective must also juggle his wife's emotional problems and his attraction to a younger woman.

Here are the opening chapters