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Bob Snyder

Bob Snyder was my best friend in high school. We met as members of the McClellan Cadet Squadron, Civil Air Patrol in Sacramento. We both dreamed of military careers and spoke almost every evening on the phone about CAP and military history. We both became cadet lieutenants. (that’s Bob in his CAP uniform). Bob was raised by his grandparents in West Sacramento because his parents were out of the picture for some reason I will never understand. He attended James Marshal High Sc

KUOW Presents

Today I was interviewed on KUOW FM 94.9. The segment is twelve minutes condensed from an hour conversation with producer Dave Beck. The piece is archived here. #justicesystem #civilianoversight #lawenforcement #Vietnam #books #media

May 4

I can’t believe that it’s been forty years since the killings at Kent State. In Kent, Ohio they call the event May 4th like December 7th or 9/11. Everyone knows right where they were when they heard and I remember too. I’m amazed that I lived through such a time. In March, hundreds of city and county cops occupied the campus when the acting University president hit the panic button over demonstrations about playing sports with the wrong school. In April, the Nixon Administrat

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