Gun Debate

I am disappointed at the noise about the role of guns in the recent tragedies in Connecticut, Colorado, and here in Seattle. I am one inclined to support regulation of firearm possession and ownership, but the reality is that there are enough guns in the U.S. to arm every man, woman, and child. I cannot imagine a mechanism to remove half or a quarter or a tenth of these weapons from homes and circulation. All these discussions and all this proposed legislation syphon resource

Sixty-four and three-quarters

I applied for Medicare today. One is eligible at age sixty-five, but you apply three months before that momentous birthday. It’s all done online, if the servers work correctly. I had to restart a couple of times. But I got ‘er done, have my registration number and will await an avalanche of direct mail offers of Part B coverage. The irony is that I already have excellent coverage. Now Medicare will pay my HMO to take care of me, but it costs me $100 a month. Go figure. #medic

Opening for the centennial history of Seattle Children’s Hospital

Six-year-old Alice lies half reclined on the stretcher struggling against asthma to breathe. Her alveolar sacs are paralyzed and her lungs feel stuffed with cotton. She is slowly suffocating. A plastic mask supplies her with oxygen and medication. When she opens her eyes, she can look straight out the front windows of an Agusta A 109/Mark II helicopter as it speeds east through the night across Puget Sound. Assistant Chief Flight Nurse Sherri Kruzner-Rowe – Sherri K-Rowe to h