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Game of Thrones Oh My

I saw the first episode of the first season of Game of Thrones

when it first came out. I could see that this series would take a serious investment of time and psychic energy and disengaged. Now HBO has produced four seasons of the fantasy epic and committed for two more seasons. Recently I found the time and the opportunity to start the series from Season 1 Episode 1 and have been sucked into the cult.

As of this writing I have finished Episode 8 of Season 2. Or is it Episode 7? At this point it doesn’t matter. I am in the middle of a raging river being carried downstream. Take your pick, excellent writing, incredibly imaginative plotting, compelling characters, stunning settings and sets (Ireland, Malta, Morocco, Iceland, Scotland, Croatia) and amazing costuming. The un-costuming is great too. Are there no overweight less-than-stunning women in the acting profession? I appreciate the gratuitous T and A, but would be happy for some more normal curvy women opening their armor and dropping their gowns.

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