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I don’t know, Roku?

I often consider what normal features of daily life would be incomprehensible 20 or even 10 years ago – smart phones, tablets, online shopping, etc. DVD players were the coming thing 10 years ago and now are on their way to the electronics recycling center. One thing we now can no longer do without is streaming TV.

I have Roku, the little set top box that allows online access to venerable Netflix and behemoth Amazon. (Be nice, they are watching.) It allows streaming of dozens of television channels I never heard of to my TV anytime I want, if only I had the time. There is also music like Pandora which replaces the need for a stereo system (“What’s a stereo system, Grandpa?).

But dozens of channels are not enough when there are hundreds of channels out there. Never mind that if I watched one channel per hour every week and did not sleep I would not be able to see them all (pause allows trips to the refrigerator and bathroom).

I like PBS programming and found that my old (three years) will not get the PBS network. There are others not available on the Roku 1. What? There are more channels I have no time to watch? And I can play games for which I have no time? I did not know that I need to play games on my TV. I need a new Roku box and I need it right now.  I wanted it so bad I ordered it online to have it delivered in two days.

The Roku 3 will be here Tuesday, maybe even Monday. I will be happy then – for a few hours.

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