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More Snow

It snowed last weekend, Friday morning, Saturday night, and Sunday night. The total accumulation here on the north side of Queen Anne Hill is nine to twelve inches. Things are a mess. Yesterday I dug out my 4WD pickup truck and almost got stuck before I pulled back into my parking place which means we are pretty much snow bound. I will try again today. Other cars are making it up the hill and my truck has good snow tires. It’s probably a matter of technique. Here is my neighbor sledding down the hill on Sunday.

Thousands of airline travelers are stacking up at Sea-Tac and some have been stuck there for two or three days. The concessions are running out of food and the airlines have been cancelling flights. Alaska and Horizon cancelled all flights on Sunday.

It’s not snowing now and things certainly are pretty. We are due for another storm on Wednesday, Christmas Eve.

12:41 PM. I got my truck going up the hill, barely, and when I got to more heavily traveled streets it got easier, but would have been silly without snow tires. A tank of gas helped with the traction of my rear tires, but didn’t prevent me from spinning out as I turned into my street. I spun wheels until the truck worked its way back into the parking space where it remains.

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