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In 1963, I heard a single by the surf rock band, the Marketts, called “Out of Limits”. I like the fast paced, heavy bass of the music and somehow visualized jets taking off from an aircraft carrier. Most of my visualizations at the time involved airplanes. Surf rock fell out of vogue in the 70s, 80s, and 90s, but every once in a while the tune would come up on a radio and once again I saw the Navy jets being catapulted off a flight deck. Then with the advent of digital downloads I got my own copy and it went with me in the truck and then through to iTunes and mobile devices. I had a copy on the computer.

Then I was given a link to a video put together by some Navy guys and posted online which already had some music. Having just mastered (sort of) the home movie application I tried my hand at mixing music and video. Here it is (I think).

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