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My cousin Al died this past week from cancer. He was three years older than I am and is the second cousin my age to die in a year and the third in three years. John was two years older than me and succumbed suddenly to an undiagnosed ailment. Phil was a year or so younger than I and did not survive a surgery.

Last night my mother-in-law, Kay Howell died, aged 90. Her daughter Patti was with her at the end. Kay was a Marine in World War II, raised five kids, and had her own business. Kay had been failing for some time and even though this was entirely expected and everyone was prepared, it’s still very sad. As Lorraine puts it, “Now she is at peace.”

Those are just the relatives. Over the years, colleagues from the old day jobs are gone now. Bob died in his sleep in Philadelphia. Phil in Atlanta to cancer.  Mike’s wife Sharon, people we socialized with in Illinois, in California to cancer. Lorraine has a wide network that includes people north of 60 or 70 and she hears about someone every month it seems. The passings have become a regular part of life now.

In balance, our grandson Joshua was born in March.

I don’t have anything more profound to express except the gratitude for knowing these people and being part of a wonderful family and community.

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