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I may be in a tiny minority, but I just don’t accept what is being reported and analyzed about the outcome of the midterm elections. I read and hear about polls predicting a Democratic party route, but the Pew Research Center has suggested that the polls are only capturing people with hard-line telephones. The pollsters are not calling cell phone customers who have no phones at home. Doesn’t that throw into question the “representative sample” upon which polls are based? Not that the predictions might not be true, but I just haven’t seen any convincing evidence.

And how much of what is reported is coming from other news reports and “analysts” and not from primary investigation? The state of journalism being what it is most newswriters do all their work at the keyboard and not in the field or even on the telephone. I would hate to have my career determined by a second hand report of a telephone poll or some pretty face whose credentials are in entertainment and not journalism.

I’ve already voted by mail and will wait for the returns.

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