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I looked back and realized that I did not finish my adventure with my new Roku box. To replay, I ordered a Roku 3 to replace the Roku so I could get more channels particularly PBS. I can get all the programming that is not carried on my local station (which I still support).

I also discovered that there are many more channels available than are offered in the online Roku menu, not all free, but lots more stuff. For example, Al Jazeera is available if you have the right code. The codes come from online directories both from Roku and from other sites. I have subscribed to way more channels than I can begin to consume. One channel I hope to see more of is Acorn which features all the excellent BBC programming. There is a channel with old Westerns and one with military stuff. Then there are the secret secret Roku channels with smut.

Youtube is on Roku too. You go to your Youtube account and you can watch all the saved videos, the private videos from family, and surf til you drop, all in HD and on a big screen.

If you are dissatisfied with using the Roku remote or lose it you can download an app to your tablet or phone and use that to control programming.

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