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Selling and Buying

Today I bought and I sold via I tried to buy toys for my grandsons the old fashioned way, but when I got there, the toy store was gone. I walked into the mall and they don’t have a toy store there. So I drove ten miles to another store. But they had only one of the things on the list. After two hours and twenty miles all I had to show for it was some dumb Play Doh.

I went online and ordered the things off the Amazon list which I should have done in the first place.

Then I got an notification that I sold two books through Amazon. I have some copies of one of my titles, a premium from the publisher, that I have listed on their site. I feature a discount and the option of my signature and a custom endorsement. One person bought two copies. As soon as I hear what sort of notation she wants I will ship them off to her. Amazon collects the money, I do the fulfillment, and we split the money.

Amazon is everywhere. We will need a nickname for, maybe something alluding to the phallic nature of their logo.

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