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Summer Solstice 2008

Here in Seattle is the neighborhood of Fremont, “The Center of the Universe.” In addition to a colorful bridge across the Lake Washington Ship Canal Fremont has an nuclear missile and a statue of Lenin, both obtained surplus after the collapse of the Soviet Union. At one time Fremont was something of a funky artists’ colony, but gentrification sent them packing for more reasonable rental markets. It was during the funky years that they started celebrating the Summer Solstice, something suitably non-traditional. The event became formalized by the neighborhood association.

The parade prohibits motors, animals, and signs. Everything else is a go. Naturally someone thought they would march nude and it caught on. Ten years ago there were maybe a dozen men and women who painted themselves up like Celtic warriors and rode their bikes along the parade route. This year there must have been a couple of hundred.

Here is my photo record.

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