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The End of the Story

I love historical research and crafting up a story set in another time. I add the forces of the time, the character’s needs and wants, and who he or she might meet. In my current project set in 1863 San Francisco I ask, who does he work for? Where does he live? What does he do on his time off? What are his ambitions? Who are his friends? The entire ride is just a lot of fun.

Then comes the finale, the goal, resurrection maybe, and it’s all over. The lights come on in the theater and we step back out into the real world. So, finishing a story rather sad.

Now starts revision, the process of cleaning up the story, making the pieces fit better, discarding things that don’t help, and adding the texture and eye candy a reader enjoys. For me it’s work and the fun is gone.

I will just have to tell another story.

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