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Trace of Hope

Updated: Feb 14, 2020

This is the next release in the adventures of Phyllis, the woman freed from slavery in Down the River, a real person. The chronology of her life is different than her writing. This is the second story she wrote sometime after the summer of 1851. In my imagining she wrote a story about the Underground Railroad (you have not seen yet) and then penned Trace of Hope, her account of the summer of 1820. Although she did not conceal her identity in the story, the manuscript passed through several hands and her name was lost. The first book to be published and the first to figure in her life was written in 1867 as Down the River. The books were written by her three (1851), two (after 1851), one (1867), but are published one, two three. They were discovered one, three, two.

Read them in any order. Enjoy them all.

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