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True Detective

This HBO series started last year starring Woody Harrelson and Matthew McConnaughey as a couple of detectives in bayou country investigating serial killings despite their own psychoses. Season 2 is set in southern California in the corrupt industrial enclave mirroring City of Industry. Three cops from different agencies with huge amounts of personal baggage are assigned to a grisly murder linked to a major corruption case and some multi-billion dollar transit scam. The cops are all told not to trust the others and each is working for other powers. Frank is a local gangster swindled out of millions by the victim who was also the corrupt city manager.

Some of the early reviews (I just read the headlines) panned he season, but I have to disagree. I find much to like. First, I have been there, both in the setting, City of Industry, and the environment, multi-agency investigations with secret agendas. These series take a while to unfold, but I think the first episode sets it all up well. We follow the main characters through their individual dramas until the body is discovered by one and all three are stuck together. Naturally Harrelson and McConnaughey are hard acts to follow, but this story stands on its own.

Whoever writes these stories is great.

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