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In 1864 Asa Draper struggles as a private detective in San Francisco. He is a self-taught investigator, clients are few, his wife is expecting, and the roof leaks. Finding a missing necklace could turn things around. He finds allies in a Freedwoman, an orphan, and a Chinese cook, yet death follows and his family and his reputation are threatened with destruction. Are friends enemies or really friends?

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Philadelphia 1850

An underground cell of Abolitionists works to foil agents who kidnap people under the new Fugitive Slave Law. The President of the United States sends a marshal to destroy the group by kidnapping the leader south as a slave. A cook, a preacher, a traveling salesman, a courtesan, a burglar, and a lawyer conspire to strike a blow for freedom in the largest mass escape of slaves in history—without ever being discovered.

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Kentucky 1813

Greedy men struggle for power and wealth using the lives of their slaves as weapons and revenge. Phyllis, a young slave, tells the story of her life, her family, her community, their destruction, her survival, and her resurrection as an Abolitionist leader. She learns that good things can be bad and bad things can be good. Based on real events.

"...intellectually stimulating account with the perfect amount of tension and excitement. Contributing to the book's high-quality writing is fascinating description of the techniques and demands of day-to-day life in the times and places of the story it tells."

"Down the River will be an excellent read for anyone with an interest in its era in American history."

"The journey of Phyllis’s life could be an inspiration to some reader that crisis may rise in life but you can’t give up, you definitely can’t stop fighting and ultimately that forgiving may sometimes bring about freedom."

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San Francisco is Union...

...but Rebel sentiment seethes beneath the surface. An ox drover is pulled into a woman’s murder and he learns the skills of a detective. No one and nothing is as it seems as he explores the seedier side of California with the help of two smart women. One case leads to Confederate agents. Will they pull off plans to win the war for the South?

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Chickasaw Nation

A freedwoman enrolls as an army cook to search for her children who fled slavery. Captain Alexander McTeague keeps the peace in the Chickasaw nation by evicting squatters, destroying whiskey, and killing outlaws with his friend and scout Kills Early. Land-hungry slave holders from the States want McTeague to fail so they can add to their empire. If McTeague fails, Phyllis fails. Whiskey is the enemy too, impoverishing the tribe and destroying his friend. When all the enemies gather, Phyllis and McTeague must choose between duty and defeat, survival and death. 

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"David is a passionate about the preservation of Puget Sound, and is eager to share the history of this environmental jewel with those who share the same affinity."

Puget Sound Maritime


" excellent black-and-white trip down memory lane. And like all such trips, there are some good and some bad memories.

First of all, kudos to Wilma and Turner for selecting pictures from the recent instead of distant past. Pictures from the Victorian era are, for me, too hard to place in context. The city they represent is long gone, paved over and lost."

The Sun Break


Once upon a time, American industrialists were builders who constructed viable businesses to generate a profit for shareholders and to benefit the communities in which they operated. Such a company was Longview Fibre founded in 1927 in Longview, Washington. For the next seventy years the founding families operated this mill and its attendant timberlands. The story of "Fibre" is an example of a business model unseen in the Twenty-first Century.


This brisk history traces the utility's origins to 1889 and follows its story through the national energy crisis of 2000-2001 up to the present. It is a quintissentially Northwest story.

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