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Bengazi Thing

Congressman Adam Schiff (D., California) has been named by minority leader Pelosi to participate in the most recent inquiry into the deaths of a U.S. Ambassador and three other State Department men in Bengazi. This seems to be fish guts in the water for the Republicans despite the fact that 1) the ambassador had asked for increased security, 2) early assessments of the attack were wrong, and 3) in a war we take damage.

I know Adam Schiff. I worked with him in the late 1980s when he was an Assistant United States Attorney in Los Angeles prosecuting environmental crime and a traitor in the FBI.  I supported several of his political campaigns as he was elected to the state legislature and ran for Congress, the first two times unsuccessfully. Adam is smart, honest, and very professional. That he can bring his experience to this so-called investigation is a positive sign. Minority Leader Pelosi considered not participating at all, but she has adopted two precepts of historical figures, Napoleon’s “keep your friends close and your enemies closer,” and Lyndon Johnson’s, “I’d rather have him in the tent pissing out than outside the tent pissing in.”

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