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The recent demise of Osama Bin Laden has caused many to declare that justice has been done. Even the president says this. Calling the killing of the terrorist justice is unfortunate because it equates this action with some sort of judicial process. I don’t agree. There was no judicial process so this is not really justice. Back as far as President Bush there were cries to do justice and bring terrorists to justice.

A more sensible approach to the killing of terrorists is as an act of self defense. The United States and it’s residents were attacked in a foreign military operation. The natural response should be another military operation to eliminate the threat of future attacks. Had an enemy fleet shelled Manhattan the response would be to try to send the ships and their sailors to the bottom of the sea, not as punishment, but to prevent further attacks. The same with terrorists. Terrorists threaten the safety of the nation and it’s residents (lots of non-citizens died on 9/11) and should be destroyed. Self defense is the inherent right of any person or community or nation.

Calling the killing of Bin Laden or other terrorists justice is something of a perversion. Justice is due process and the exercise of law to exact punishment. The killing of Bin Laden was an act of self defense.

As Michael Corleone told his brother, “It’s not personal Sonny. It’s business.”

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