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Online discourse

I am being charitable in the term discourse.

Recently I added a comment to a Youtube file, the audio of fire department radio transmissions following a spectacular gas explosion. I was critical of the commander’s conduct on the air, something I think I can do based on both my professional background and the fact that I am a tax payer in Seattle.

I was quickly flamed by anonymous posters who not only disagreed that the commander’s conduct was inadequate, but castigated me for being critical of a first responder. What would I have done? I finally took down the original post and reposted with a link to a news video of the distraught commander in the arms of a subordinate.

What I would have done was not the point. The point was, what should the commander ($200,000 paycheck and decades of experience) have done? Are first responders somehow immune from comment because of their position. These are highly paid and well trained professionals. Their concern should be in doing as good a job as possible and then doing it better the next time. The idea that police and fire can never do wrong is just wrong.

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